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La Fenice Salentina is a newly built B&B located in Alezio, a town a few kilometers from Gallipoli, white beaches and crystal clear sea. It is located in a strategic position that allows you to easily reach the places of greatest interest and the beauties of Salento.


Our mission is to offer an appreciated experience both for the services we offer and for the typical Salentine signature that distinguishes us.

Breakfast, considered by us the most important moment of the day, is rich and varied and will feature local products at km 0. It is served buffet style in a beautiful terrace with gazebo and sun loungers where you can sunbathe in total relaxation


The name of our Bed and Breakfast wants to be a tribute to the City of Alezio, represented in the emblem by the symbol of the Phoenix, and to all the Salento area of which we hope, what we can, to be deserving promoters.


Welcome to the Fenice of Salento

Welcome to Salento!



The municipality of Alezio is one of the oldest in all of Salento. Its origins date back to the Messapian period as shown by the numerous findings found in the excavations carried out around the city. The large documentation collected allows us to know that the ancient city of Alexsias was one of the most important messapic centers of Salento. According to some ancient historians, there were about 70,000 people living in agriculture, commerce and the arts. During the period of Roman domination Aletium (the Latin name of Alezio), maintained the same qualities, but grew in importance when it was built the Via Traiana that connected the extreme Salento to the capital.

After the fall of Rome, the Saracens took to this point Alezio that the inhabitants decided to leave their city and take refuge in Gallipoli. From here in the XIII they returned to their old homeland starting to cultivate the land and building the buildings that can still be seen in the historical center of the city.

Alezio is characterized as a rich and full of things to see that date back to all ages. The church of Santa Maria della Lizza, for example, was built between the second half of the 12th and the first half of the 13th century.The building has a Latin cross plan, with the arms of the protruding transept. The church preserves some fine paintings, dating from the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century, attributed to Gian Galallo Catalan gallipolino and his school. It was elevated to the Sanctuary in 1950 by the bishop Nicola Margiotta.

Among the civil architectures stands out the Palazzo Tafuri which is a stately home of the eighteenth century.
The building houses the headquarters of the Messapian civic museum that collects the precious testimonies found over the years in the area around Alezio.

Not far from Alezio there are places of extreme interest such as Gallipoli, Torre San Giovanni or the capital of Salento, Lecce.

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